Monday afternoon registrar teaching is split into three broad tiers based upon trainee level/FRCS completion status. Details as follows:

Core Teaching

  • Core Teaching runs over a 3-year cycle covering 9 sub-specialities – Hip, Spine, Paediatric, Knee, Shoulder, Hand & Wrist, Tumours, Basic Science & Trauma and Foot & Ankle. All terms are 12 sessions except Tumours (6 sessions) and Basic Science (15 sessions). The last session of each term will include some form of formal assessment – MCQ, Viva, Clinical etc. The exact format of the assessment will be at the discretion of the Term or Session Lead.
  • All Pre-exam trainees will be expected to attend Core Teaching. A register of attendance is kept and overall teaching attendance is discussed at ARCP. Constructive feedback is requested for each teaching session. Please take the time to complete feedback.

Peri-Exam Teaching 

  • All pre-exam trainees are expected to attend core teaching until they have had TPD sign off to sit for the FRCS Orth Exam. Once sign off has been agreed pre-exam trainees will be able to attend Peri-Exam Teaching instead of Core Teaching.
  • Peri-Exam Teaching will be timetabled to run alongside Core Teaching and sessions will be for the whole afternoon. Peri-Exam Teaching will not take place every Monday afternoon but will increase in frequency in the lead up to February and April/May sitting of the exam. This is when most trainees tend to take the FRCS Tr&Orth exam. When Exam Teaching is not timetabled, peri-exam trainees will be expected to attend core teaching.
  • The last teaching session of each term includes some form of assessment or exam. All peri-exam trainees will be expected to attend this Core Teaching Session. Tumours and Basic Sciences are high yield topics for the FRCS Tr&Orth Exam. Consequently, there will be no Exam Teaching sessions during the Tumour term and limited Exam Teaching sessions during the Basic Sciences & Trauma term.

Post-Exam Trainees and Teaching 

  • Post exam trainees are still funded and expected to attend Monday afternoon teaching. However, it is recognised there may be little educational value in post exam trainees attending a teaching term that is not in their chosen sub-speciality area. They are therefore exempt from attending Core Teaching but are expected to be engaged in some form of educational activity on a Monday afternoon. A Post-Exam Teaching programme is in the process of being developed. It is expected this will comprise 8-10 Monday afternoon sessions per year.
  • One post exam trainee will be expected to take on the role of organising the Peri-Exam Teaching programme with the Peri-Exam Teaching Coordinator, currently Mr. Jim McVie.  Post exam trainees will also be expected to assist in Peri-Exam teaching. 2 post exam trainees will be allocated to each peri exam teaching session. This will be on a rotational basis. If you are unable to attend a particular session, please ensure appropriate arrangements are made with colleagues to ensure 2 post exam trainees are always in attendance for each scheduled peri-exam teaching session.
  • When not timetabled for Post- or Peri-exam teaching sessions, post exam trainees will be available to attend clinical sessions. If your trainer(s) has a clinical session on a Monday afternoon, this would seem the most appropriate. If your trainer(s) does not have a clinical session on a Monday afternoon, this can be with another trainer. For all post-exam trainees Monday afternoon activity in lieu of teaching should be discussed with your clinical supervisor at the initial meeting and clearly defined.
  • If the Core Teaching Term happens to be in their chosen sub-speciality area, post-exam trainees may wish to volunteer to help run and organise the teaching term with the designated Term Lead.
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