The annual trainee meeting is held each June and is known as the ‘Kreibich Day’ in memory of Neil Kreibich an Orthopaedic Consultant in the region who sadly died at 37 in 1997. This day is an opportunity for trainers and trainees to celebrate their achievements over the previous year and get up to date with current developments in orthopaedic training in the region. The event is kindly made possible by sponsorship from our partners in industry who will be present during the day.

The morning session is for consultant trainers from the region to meet and discuss issues relating to orthopaedic training. All local orthopaedic trainers and trainees are invited to the afternoon session, here speciality trainees and core trainees have the opportunity to present their research work. The presentations are judged by a panel of judges comprising of one consultant from each local trust. The Kreibich prize is awarded to the best research presentation of the day. In 2017 we awarded a new prize for the best research presentation for research conducted during time out of the training programme, the Andy Sprowson Prize. We award this prize in honour of one of Andy Sprowson who was a local trainee in the northeast before going on to work as an academic orthopaedic surgeon in Warwick, he sadly passed away in 2015.

The highlight of the day is the black tie gala dinner in the evening for all trainees, trainers and their partners. Here we welcome new trainees to the region and bid farewell to those trainees going off on fellowship. The trainee prizes are awarded along with the local trainer of the year prize. This is a hard earned prize voted for by trainees and awarded annually to the trainer who has gone out of their way to provide excellent training. The evening is a great opportunity to catch up with colleagues from around the region and celebrate our achievements.


Kreibich Prize Winners

1998 Dave Fender
1999 No Kreibich event held this year
2000 Fu Meng Khaw & Claire Young
2001 Mike Reed
2002 Steven Aldridge
2003 Ali Sher Bajwa
2004 Jaime Candal-Couto
2005 Yusuf Michla
2006 Elaine Robinson
2007 David Townshend & Tom Beckingsale
2008 Rajesh Nanda & Daniel Dowen
2009 Dave Langton
2010 Simon Jameson
2011 Terence Savaridas
2012 Cyrus Jensen
2013 Cyrus Jensen
2014 Paul Rushton
2015 Deborah Lees, James Penny, Paul Baker
2016 Paul Rushton, Ramsay Refaie
2017 Alex Sims
2018 Martin Marsh
2019 Tony Sorial
2020 Phil Dobson

Sprowson Prize

2017 Alex Sims
2018 Will Manning
2019 Paul Rushton
2020 Not awarded (COVID-19)

Trainer of the Year Awards

2002 Mr Lester Sher
2004 Mr Paul Partington
2006 Prof John Stothard
2007 Mrs Cathy Lennox
2008 Mr Tony Cross
2009 Mr Craig Gerrand
2010 Mr Steve Scott
2011 Mr Andrew Jennings
2012 Mr Ananda Nanu
2014 Mr Dave Cloke
2015 Mr Rob Gregory
2016 Mr Jim Mcvie
2017 Mr Rajesh Kakwani
2018 Mr Yusuf Michla
2019 Mr Gavin De Kiewiet
2020 Mr Rajesh Kakwani


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